Product Info

1.  All of our products are designed to last for years and are chip resistant. All of our products by default have a high-gloss finish other than matte black. All products ship with installation instructions.

2.  You will receive a volume discount of 10% starting with purchases totaling $150 to reaching a maximum discount of 35% at the $2,000 level. Your discount will show up in “green” during checkout along with a notice of the next available discount level. (see ‘Discounts’ above)

3.  Windshield Banners are cut with a slight curve to try to match the curvature of the glass.

4.  What you will receive per order:

  • 4x4 Decals ........... These ship in a matching set of two per order.
  • Namesets ............. These ship in a reversed set of two per order.
  • Racing Graphics ...... These ship with two panels of your selected length.
  • Side Graphics ........ These ship in a reversed set of two per order.
  • Windshield Banners ... These ship with one per order.
  • Vinyl Lettering ...... Customer selects the number of sheets needed.